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YAymaker Fundraiser Promo - Feb 2019

Planning a fundraising event can be challenging. It feels great to give back, but it can definitely be overwhelming to try to figure out the best kind of fundraiser to plan. Galas are expensive, bake sales are a lot of work (and a big mess), and your community has already been to four auctions this year. If you’re in fundraiser planning mode, but still don’t know what to do to really engage your community, don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

yaymaker fundraising - helping hands

A big part of planning a successful fundraiser is finding an event that excites the group and ensures a great time. After all, everyone is busy, on a budget, and constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. Even if they really want to help, they’re probably not going to unless the event itself entices them. This is where Yaymaker can help. You already know that Yaymaker offers a slew of fun events that get people excited and creating something artistic. But, did you also know that you can easily pair a Yaymaker experience with a cause to launch a creative, fun, and unique fundraiser that is sure to bring big crowds and help you hit your goals?

Read on to learn what events you can choose from to get some inspiration on ways you can launch a really successful fundraiser in your community. We’ve also provided some examples of non-profits you can support with your event, but if you have one in mind that’s not shown here, that works, too. Any organization that makes the world a better place gets a giant yay from us! And, remember, no matter what experience you choose, Yaymaker always gives back $15 for every ticket sold to your cause, so your guests can truly have fun while doing something good.

1. The Original Paint Nite


You know the drill! The Original Paint Nite is what started this whole shebang way back when, and it’s the event where you get to unleash your inner artist. At a Paint Nite event, you and your fundraiser attendees can come together to take a blank canvas and turn it into an individual masterpiece. If teamwork is more your thing, you can also turn your Paint Nite event into a Collaborative Canvas experience, where everyone works together to create one, giant piece of art.

Charity Inspiration:

Pair your Paint Nite event with Global Paint for Charity and you’ll be helping individuals in developing countries be able to bring some more color into their communities. Global Paint for Charity collects old, unused paint, consolidated and repackages it (yay for recycling!), and sends it off to those who don’t have the means to purchase paint themselves.

2. Plant Nite

If plants are more your thing, step into a gardener’s dream with our Plant Nite experience. You and your fundraiser guests will join together to create a mini-Zen garden, succulent arrangement or tiny terrarium all with the help and guidance of our plant experts. You’ll be able to use nature to get creative, and we think that’s really cool.

yaymaker plant nite succulent party event

Charity Inspiration:

Partner up with Plant with Purpose to turn your Plant Nite into an evening of giving back. Plant with Purpose provides farming families around the world with the necessary tools to increase yields, heal damaged ecosystems, improve nutrition, and increase household savings and opportunities – all while helping to improve the environment and decrease rural poverty.

3. Candle Maker

Want to try something completely new? Launch a Candle Maker fundraiser to give your event guests the opportunity to get creative with soy-based wax candles. You’ll use essential oils and unique decorative elements to get crafty with candles that are perfect for trading, gifting or even a little #treatyoself night out.

Charity Inspiration:

Take your candle making experience to the next level by supporting Prosperity Candle (https://www.prosperitycandle.com), a social enterprise that supports refugees and artisans through candle-making. Launched in 2009, Prosperity Candle is all about helping to end poverty, and that’s something we can all get behind.

4. Flower Workshop

Create cheer and inspire creativity with a Flower Workshop fundraiser. Yaymaker Flower Workshop allows anyone and everyone to become a florist for a day. Our talented designers walk guests through the steps to make a beautiful bouquet made from fresh-cut flowers and everyone leaves with their own, custom design to enjoy for days to come.

Charity Inspiration:

Flowers aren’t just nice to look at, they can also bring happiness to those in need. By pairing your Flower Workshop with the Random Acts of Flowers organization, you’ll be able to help improve the emotional health and well being of people in health care facilities. That’s because Random Acts of Flowers takes recycled flowers and delivers them to those who might need just a little cheering up.

5. Design a Sign

If you haven’t tried a Design a Sign workshop yet, a fundraiser event is the perfect way to invite yourself and others to create something one-of-a-kind from a gorgeous piece of wood. Design a Sign will invite your event guests to choose a artistic stencil, which will be used at the fundraiser to personalize a slab of wood with a custom design. It’s the perfect way to try something new and head home with a work of art that can bring a home or office space to life.

design a sign yaymaker timelapse

Charity Inspiration:

What better way to celebrate creating a wooden masterpiece then by working to support the very natural resource that made the event possible. One Tree Planted makes their mission simple – one dollar = one tree planted. The organization works across North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa and taps into the expertise of partners in each country to select the perfect tree species to plant, resulting in a tree survival rate of 80 to 90 percent.

Feeling inspired? We are too! If you’re ready to get fundraising, let’s join forces to make the world a better place. Fill out the form below to book your Yaymaker event today.

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