There is no wedding season because it is always wedding season. And bachelorette parties can sneak up on you at any moment. If you’re in on planning it, don’t get overwhelmed by the last minute. From the silly to the risque, we’ve got what you need to bring the yay for the bride-to-be.

If you’ve got a large group of twenty-five or more, you can even arrange a private event. So don’t hesitate to extend that invitation outside the bridal party and ask everyone to join in. And if you’re running with a light crew, just join in on any open event. There’s almost always one nearby—you’re probably close to one of the thousands of cities Yaymaker is in.

 7 Fabulous Bachelorette Party Ideas


Make those adorable rustic, farmhouse-style signs you see inside houses in magazines. Select a stencil from our library, then paint it up at the event. Take it home or give it to the bachelorette. If everyone does, they can hang one up in every room–twice!


Heat things up and try something different. A zen-sational evening of pouring wax and decorating may be just what the bride-to-be, and the whole crew, needs. Mix scents and colors to create a custom set of candles.


Be classy and saucy and sauced at the same time. Choose from our library of literally hundreds—which includes a few risque options—or ask about custom commissions.


Get dirty without going to Vegas. Plant Nite events are hands-on and everyone gets to do their own thing. We’ll supply the green, all you have to do is show up ready to party.

yaymaker plant nite bachelorette


You might be tempted to have a great time with the girls AND use them to make your centerpieces… and why not?! Or if you want them to just have a beautiful fresh bouquet to enjoy before your big day, that’s a sweet gesture too.

yaymaker flower workshop


This isn’t your first time drinking together—and it won’t be your last. No matter who hosts next, you’ll be prepared with a spectacular set of handmade coasters.

 yaymaker custom mosaic tiles


You are one of a kind. Your bride is one of a kind. Your party is one of a kind. Of course, unicorns should be involved. And, here’s an idea. Everyone gifts one glass to create a full set for the guest of honor—or you keep them for yourself because you are special too.

yaymaker paint nite unicorn wine glasses

Want some help planning? We’ve got a whole team of private event party planners ready to help. Get in touch today and we’ll help make the evening sparkle.