There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of a campfire as the heat of a summer day begins to subside, giving way to the cool of the night. When we stop to think about the importance of fire and just how difficult it is to start one, we can truly appreciate the ease with which we stay warm and cook food every day. But campfires are not just ordinary fires. Instead, they tend to be social in nature. They draw us in to congregate around their warmth, encouraging us to take a seat and get comfortable.

A break from the norm

At Yaymaker, we encourage people to get away from their everyday routines to disconnect from technology and truly live in the moment with friends and family. We want you to make memories and stories. These moments don’t just have to be in physical forms like paintings though. The memories we make by doing things that are outside of our day-to-day lives — like sitting around a campfire, are just as impactful and provide different forms of relaxation that help us rekindle the fires within us.

Enjoying the company

Once the fire is built, the experience is just beginning. Families that camp frequently typically have traditions: games, camp songs, favorite food to make over a campfire. But these aren’t just for kids! Check out this list of campfire games for adults.  There’s a theme across all of them that we believe is really important: none of them involve technology. You don’t need a phone or a computer to participate so when your group is playing them, they are truly living in the moment.

Sharing a meal

First thing is first: if you’re making a campfire, you have to do it right. No one needs the aggravation of trying to cook food with all smoke and no flames. Here’s a quick guide from REI on building a campfire in just a few simple steps.

When planning a campfire gathering, the one must-have food to have on hand is marshmallows. How else are you supposed to make smores?!

But there are so many other delicious recipes to try over the flames of a campfire. My personal favorite is chicken and pineapple kebabs with BBQ sauce. There’s nothing quite like grilled pineapple. For some foodie inspiration, check out this list of easy and fun family-friendly dishes.

It’s all about the memories

Like I said, campfires are all about living in the moment and enjoying the company of friends and family. But, like many things in life, these moments are fleeting. Sometimes we need reminders so memories stay fresh in our brains. And that’s where Yaymaker can help! We have a painting or project for just about any occasion, and if we don’t, you can modify one to suit your memories. Our campfire themed paintings are perfect for commemorating that weekend in the wilderness where everything from the campfire to the food went exactly according to plan…. Or not. Just like no two camping trips are ever the same, no two paintings come out exactly the same.

Check out events near you to find a customizable project to remind you of your summer vacation this year. It’ll give you a piece of the magic that you found while disconnecting from your daily routines, one that you can hold onto for the rest of your life. From our Paint Nite and Plant Nite events to our customizable Design a Sign events, there’s something for every artistic level and every adventure worth celebrating.

Yaymaker has a vast project library full of one of a kind originals created by Yaymaker Hosts. All Projects featured here may not be available in your area.