Say Yay to a New Kind of Date Nite

Here at Yaymaker, we’re all up for a new adventure or experience, especially when it comes to date ideas. (Who isn’t tired of the dinner and movie routine?) Whether you’re meeting up with a new special someone or looking for a unique outing to celebrate a big occasion, Yaymaker has a whole lineup fun events for a memorable date every nite of the week.

Date Night Ideas Near You

Paint the town red (or blue or green)

yaymaker paint nite date night

Introducing your bae to a new place, whether a restaurant that just opened with great reviews, or grabbing a drink at a bar that everyone’s talking about, is the perfect way to add some adventure to date nite. Even more unique? Get creative and interactive together by making a partner painting at The Original Paint Nite. Two halves make a whole—you and your date each paint one canvas that combines into one picture. Spark each other’s creativity and make memories!

Can you dig it?

yaymaker plant nite date nite

Enjoying the outdoors together is always a great date option. Jumping in the car for a road trip, finding a hiking trail for an afternoon trek, or just simply heading out for a walk around the neighborhood to explore. Not ready to commune with nature (i.e. bugs) just yet? Plant Nite brings the great outdoors indoors with a variety of terrarium and Zen garden projects where you work with succulents, moss, soil, and decorative details (like stones and sea glass) to create your own mini landscape design. Work together as a team—and work on growing that green thumb!

Stop and smell the roses

yaymaker flower workshop date nite

February 14 isn’t for everyone, so if you’re of the “Valentines Schmalentines” mindset, make a date with your gal pals and celebrate your friendships. Sing it up at karaoke, make it a Netflix night, or gather the girls for a Flower Workshop to make some gorgeous bouquets or arrangements. Yaymaker’s flower experts show you the ins and outs of floral design. As a result, they provide everything you need to create the prettiest posies to share with your ladies.

Light my fire

CAndle Maker is the perfect date nite

Planning a special night in to celebrate your sweetie? Spark up the romance with seductive aromas. Scented candles can be used to relax inhibitions or stimulate passions, and  Yaymaker’s Candle Maker events let you pour and color the wax and experiment with essential oils to get the sweetest, seductive scent. Get ready to turn off the lights and melt some wax!

Made with love

Spice up up your romantic gift options by making something for your significant other. Homemade gifts are the best. You can personalize them with your favorite color, memories of your favorite vacations, or to celebrate major events to come. Led by a skilled artisan, Design a Sign gives you a chance to build and stencil wood wall art. customizing it to make it you own unique piece—perfect for that special someone.

So don’t forget to take your sweetie out for a night on the town and make their yay. Check out our events near you.