Yaymaker hosts locally crafted creative events across the US and Canada but it is our event hosts who make each experience unique. And each Paint Nite event host brings something special to the couple of hours that they spend with guests.

What Makes Our Hosts So Different?

Well, first and foremost, we encourage individuality, in our guests, hosts, and venues. We want you to be you, do you, and create something that represents you…or not. And we ask the same of our Paint Nite hosts. We want them to read the crowd and provide the type of entertainment, engagement, artistic flair, or party atmosphere that each event guests seem to desire, all while staying true to themselves. While some of our guests remain loyal to certain hosts, I wanted to share with you how very different and unique our hosts from all over the continent really are. To do this, I asked them to show me who they are in a creative way – through gifs.

Make Art, Not War

Maybe you’ve been here: you’re halfway through a Paint Nite event by Yaymaker when you make a seemingly fatal mistake. Your first urge is to freak out and then try to undo it or cover it up. Maybe your instinct tells you to cover the whole canvas in one color and pretend like your “happy little accident” never happened. Your event host rushes to your rescue but they tend to have very different approaches.

The first thing is first, some hosts will ask you to slow down and decide what to do next with their creative guidance.

Others take the “let them go their own way” approach and step back while you do what needs to be done.

I see no problem here

But other times, all hope may be lost. Some of our hosts describe themselves as brutally honest so for guests who need an extra boost to get their creative juices flowing, they provide this type of advice:

And when all else fails, there’s always finger painting, says Paint Nite host Lindsey from Hartford

finger painting cat on keyboard

But every once in a while, you might come across a host who has a magic touch. Kitchener event host Erin describes herself as a fairy godmother-type host “floating around the room and giving a little extra sparkle to everyone and their paintings!”

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother

She says “guests most often comment on how I’m able to ‘save’ their paintings with a few extra minutes of one-on-one instruction. At my last event, I had one guest who was getting herself into sticky situations and in her words, just couldn’t ‘get’ certain steps – it was bumming her out… but I was able to get her back on track and happy with each element after a little extra care.”

The Cheerleaders

Some hosts simply bring the optimism. They approach each guest and their painting with a keen eye for what’s working. Tammy in Toronto describes herself as a bit “Disneyish” as a host, fully embracing the “Yay-ness” that she finds on each canvas.

Kristi from Alberta also describes herself as an encouraging host and finds her work particularly enjoyable when guests put their own spin on the original painting.

The Voice judge happy dance

And Wendy describes herself as a “sunshine blower,” inspired by Bob Ross and his ability to find beauty in everything.

The Paint Nite Party People

Paint Nite events by Yaymaker are not all about painting though. They’re also about the fun social atmosphere. Each guest is encouraged to make of the event what they want it to be. So for some, it’s all about the party.

And the same goes for some of our event hosts. They feel the same way when they get in front of the crowd and feel a surge of creative energy.

And they want you to feel it too! When you’re feeling the magic happening, they feed off it too…

…Until everyone is dancing, no matter their skill level. Afterall, painting is much like dancing – it’s fun regardless of how “good” at it you are.

Pig dancing on stage

Just Practicing My Standup

Not to toot our own horn but we have some real comedians for hosts. They bring their comedy into the way they give instructions, the activities they choose during breaks, the interactions they have with guests throughout the event, and their own quirks that make them such popular events. Tigh from Kitchener is well-known in his community for his sense of humor at events which keeps some guests coming back to his events multiple times.


Our Experiences are as Unique as our Hosts

Yaymaker event hosts are just as unique as our customers are. Each has a style that inspires, excites, motivates, and energizes their audiences. No two hosts are the same and no two events are the same, making each experience a delightful new artistic and social adventure.

It’s not just our Paint Nite event hosts that are sure to get you into a creative mindset. Yaymaker also has wonderful hosts for Plant Nite, Design a Sign, and Candle Maker. Come meet some of our talented, quirky, hilarious, encouraging, and magical hosts at a Yaymaker event near you! You’ll walk away with a wonderful piece of art you can be proud of that will remind you of all the fun you had with your family, friends, and event host. Let us make your yay!

Interested in becoming a creative entrepreneur as a Yaymaker event host for any of our experiences? You can learn more here!