Mix and Match Flowers to Create a One-of-a-Kind Floral Arrangement

Ah, the sweet smell of flowers. From roses to daisies, tulips to mums, each flower is unique in its own way, just like you, our awesome makers. We also really love how flowers have the power to convey all sorts of things—from true love, to “I’m sorry,” to “Hey, you’re pretty cool.” So, we think that a floral arrangement workshop is a perfect Yaymaker addition.

Similar to our other experiences, the Flower Workshop process is a great adventure! You’ll visit a nearby bar or restaurant to get started, where a floral designer host will guide you through the event, including how to prepare your vase, and select and organize your flowers. You get all the benefits of a nite out—friends, fun, drinks, creativity—and you’ll be getting all hands-on with a bunch of beautiful florals. Bonus: you take home something fresh to beautify that special little corner in your home. 

Once your event date arrives, be sure to arrive at your venue early for dinner and drinks if you’re into that. Then, get ready to let your creative energies flow because you’re about to be living the dream in your very own floral arrangement adventure!

Step 1: Get to know your flower friends

Like our other events, the first step is getting in the right mindset! Your host will orient you to the process for the evening, so get ready to make some yay. Once that’s complete, it’s on to rocking your florals. Remember, as always, your way is the right way, so just have fun with it!

Your floral designer will start with a quick overview of each of the flowers. You’ll even learn some fun facts about each variety. Feeling comfortable with your floral options, you’re ready to start. Oh, and because we’re working with flowers directly from local farms, just know that we’re providing you with the freshest flowers they have. Every event will have different flowers depending on seasonality. 

Step 2: Prep your vase

You’ll need to prep your vase before you can arrange your flowers. Your floral designer will walk you through the steps. Start off by adding waterproof ribbon to the inside of your vase. Then, you’ll move on to creating your floral grid. This is where you really get the inside scoop on how florists create those beautiful arrangements. It’s all about creating a tic-tac-toe grid to serve as your floral guide. Your local host can help you get your grid correct, but you’ll definitely want to make sure its secure as it will serve as the support piece of your creation.

Before you add your flowers, take a quick moment to add a packet of plant food to your vase (hey, even flowers like a snack). Fill your container with water. Your host will provide some extra packets that you can take home to keep your finished flowers healthy for days to come!

Step 3: Design your arrangement

Once you and your vase have the proper hydration (time for a drink refill, folks!), the fun really begins. Your host will provide you with four different types of flowers and additional greens to work with. These add that extra something special to your arrangement. Think hydrangeas, roses, and gerbera daisies. But again, every night really is a surprise, since our rotation of flowers changes based on what is fresh and available!

Your floral designer will also show you the basics of creating an awesome arrangement. For example, you’ll always start with the largest flowers first! Once you give your stems a fresh cut (on an angle, please), you can just go, go, go! Place those flowers wherever your heart desires. It’s amazing how fresh and bright your arrangement looks when you’re all done.

The fin isn’t over because you can admire your flowers for days to come. It’s a perfect event for Valentine’s Day, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, centerpieces for the holiday season. You can even give them as a gift. You will get serious bonus points for actually creating something so gorgeous. If you’re ready to get floral, we can’t want to see you. Check your local Yaymaker event calendar to see if there’s a Flower Workshop event near you!